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how to apply foundationAs the name suggests foundation in the base of your makeup and in this tutorial I will explain you how to apply foundation so your skin will look flawless and glowing! Applying foundation is quick and there are a few ground rules that you should follow so you look pretty and not like a clown!

The first thing you need is the right foundation for your skin color. Applying foundation color that doesn’t suit your complexion and skin tone is something that will sabotage all your makeup efforts! Be sure you get the right color of foundation by testing it out on your jaw line. You also need a few different tones for the different times of the year, during the summer your skin will be more tanned and you will need a darker foundation, in the winter you don’t want to use the same dark foundation because it will be too dark. If you are unsure about what color you should pick you can ask for help the cosmetic store where you can try out different samples and get good advice.

There are many different kinds of foundation makeup, there is the traditional foundation and the mineral makeup foundation which is also very good!

Before you begin applying your makeup always start with a clean face and clean hands. Before you apply your foundation you should apply a moisturizer, a moisturizing sunscreen or a primer that is compatible with your skin type. The foundation will be easier to apply and will stay longer if the skin is healthy and well hydrated. In the summer I use a facial sunscreen and when I am not going under the sun I will use a foundation primer. Many makeup artists say that not using a primer is a makeup crime!

After you let the primer or your moisturizing product of choice be absorbed by your skin for a few minutes you should wipe off any excess with a tissue so that your skin is not to greasy.

Apply your foundation with a dampen makeup sponge or with you fingers by putting some dots on you nose, forehead, cheeks and chin as needed. You don’t need to apply foundation over your whole face, just on the spots you want to camouflage and have some coverage. Mostly it is around the nose, chin and the eyes. I always use a dampen sponge, if you use it dry you will be wasting your foundation because it will dry out in the sponge and then you need to use more! If you want to know how to apply foundation like a pro you can do it with foundation brushes because they suck up even less product and will blend even better.

Now you can spread the foundation out with the sponge and with your fingers. It is great to start blending the foundation with your fingers because the heat will make it spread out better, then finish off with a moist sponge if needed.

It is always a good idea to check your final result in a natural light source because you will see if anything is wrong. Always pay extra attention to your jawline and your eye line so that you do not have any lines that can be seen. The secret of a good application of foundation is that you blend blend blend. Is has to look natural and that is achieve by blending it in!

After you have applied your foundation and you have some marks left then you can use concealer to hide them. Some girls use the concealer before the foundation but that is counter productive because most of it gets wiped away when you apply the foundation. Foundation is the first step in you makeup routine and if you wan more tips on how to apply makeup please read our other articles. I hope all your questions on how to apply foundation are answered, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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  1. What do you think about mineral makeup? Is it better and healthier than other kinds of makeup?

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